Musing: A Linux based wireless access point

I currently run a Belkin Wireless N+ ADSL modem/switch/wireless AP. It works well enough but given my nature to want to try things I’ve found the capability of the Belkin box to be limited. If it were a book it would have a yellow and black cover (Home network for dummies). It’s great for it’s designated audience but I want the ability to play.

I’ve also been toying with the idea of a home server for various things and am wondering if I can combine the two. So a NAS/Wireless router.


At the moment I’m leaning towards hacking an old laptop, putting in a 500Gb drive and a D-Link DWA-642. Gives me all sorts of options I can play with till my heart is content.

I’ll need to pair it up with a good ADSL 2+ Modem (Billion 7300RA perhaps, seems they are Linux based too šŸ˜€ ).

Then again it may make more sense to set the modem up in Bridge mode rather than a router and have the Linux box do all the routing work.

Why Asterisk? Well Naked DSL & a VoIP provided teamed with Asterisk allows some flexibility. Teamed with WiFi SIP handsets or a SIP client on an Android phone (or iPhone :/ ) giving me the ability to send receive calls via WiFi at home. Ideally the mobile phone would automatically switch to VoIP as I walked in the door and allow me to make free calls to landlines or VoIP phones.

Add in Caller-ID and tie it to the MythBox and it can announce who is calling, maybe direct them to voicemail etc. Integrate ZoneMinder to the Mythbox

Now I need a mobile phone that does 802.11n and WiFi SIP handsets that also do 802.11n. Failing that I may have to set up and alternate 802.11g network on another channel.

Oh and this might be a nice addition to it all. Then again it may make some of it redundant šŸ˜®


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