SliTaz continues

Well, here is my second issue. I needed the kernel module for a Prism chipset WiFi card for a friend under SliTaz. Unfortunately it not included out of the box. No problems I think I’ll just build a new kernel with one in and either pass along directions or a .tar.gz of the relevant modules built on the same spec.

Break out the trusty VM and see how we go. Well not as good as I would like. A couple of issues to resolve but then I got into a tight spot where there seemed to be a few issues with the make files for 2.6.30-4-slitaz that was installed from the package manager. A bit of browsing/Googling seemed to indicate there were a few patches around lzma and the make files of various modules. In short it looked horrible and I decided to go with the latest and greatest kernel source from After I did a headstand to read the page I downloaded and built kernel 2.6.33-1 and turned on the necessary module bits for the Prism chipset (hostap).

I’ll post details of the process a little later


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