Off and running

First post! Ok probably the most social thing I’ve done on the net for a while.  I’ve been pondering a blog for a while now and thought I’d get off my but to do it.

What’s it all about? We’ll the stuff that is technical and spins my wheels.  Computers are a big part so you can expect to see some stuff in and around my MythTV setup and my experience with Linux in general.

More to follow soon.  I’ve been working on a minimal Debian install for my old clunker Toshiba Portege 7140 Laptop.  The Toshiba only has 500MHz PIII and 192MB of RAM and I’d like to have something of a web tablet machine.  Just pop it on and boot up into a web browser as quick as I can.  I’ve currently got some issues with the Xorg trident driver so I have to try my hand at debugging the driver (a first for me at this level in Linux).


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